EZ9120 Heavy-duty Filtration System for sludge applications, pore size 1000 µm, 1 stream

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Universal self-cleaning filtration for difficult samples - compatible with all EZ Series online analysers

About the EZ9100 Series
The successful implementation of online analysers in process control strategies could not have been achieved without the development of a new generation of automatic sampling and sample preconditioning systems. The EZ9100 Series are the result of many years of field experience in combining analysers with filtration units.

Simplified operation by self-cleaning action
All preconditioning systems are designed for fully automatic operation and require virtually no human intervention. Basically all systems are incorporated either with a blowback action by instrument air, or a specific cleaning cycle. This fundamental design principle does not merely allow trouble-free sampling, moreover it contributes to high uptimes.

The EZ9120 is a filtration system developed to make solid-free samples from heavily charged liquids available for online analysis. Devoid of overly complex engineering, they can handle the difficult properties of wastewaters charged with high levels of insoluble constituents:
- Self-cleaning sample filtration with various pore sizes
- Large-bore pneumatic ball valves for sample and drain
- Automatic cleaning by solenoid controlled instrument air
- Static Pressure Regulator assures a constant, readily available sample level at atmospheric pressure
- PLC or analyser controlled cleaning frequency