NITRATAX clear sc Precise, self-cleaning UV Nitrate process probe, 5mm

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UV analysis-the reagent-free alternative: NITRATAX clear sc

Reagent-free method, requiring no sampling, for direct measurement in clear fluids. Lowered directly into the sample stream (flow-through unit optional), measures the NO3 content of plant outflow.
Stainless-steel probe. UV beams are projected across a gap for immediate measurement of the nitrate content. The measuring windows are cleaned by a wiper. Evaluation by SC controller. The save fixing by easy handling of the probe is guaranteed by a specially conceived tank rim fixing for fixing the probe to a tank or channel. In order to fix the display unit close to the probe, the tank rim fixing for display units should be used. The through-flow variant is used wherever direct measurement in the medium is not possible for construction related reasons.

Prognosys ensures confidence in your instrument readings. Prognosys will monitor, provide reliable instrument measurement values and identify when upcoming maintenance tasks are due in an easy-to-read colour display.

  • UV absorption method - proven, continuous, and precise
  • Eliminates reagents, sampling, and sample conditioning
  • Self cleaning probe using built-in wiper
  • Life-long factory calibration
  • Full-featured "Plug & Play" with SC 200 or SC 1000 digital controllers